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I have been using php and mysql for almost 3 years now. I decided it was time I started sharing some of the things that I have created.

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WebPosts is a way to have non-HTML savy people add comments to a website and still use any formatting that they would like. It is very early in it's creation and I make no garauntees about bugs. If you want to try it please do, and let me know how it goes.

Server Side: Apache(with php) and Mysql.
Client Side: IE5.5+ or Mozilla 1.3+

Demo the Software
Username: username
Password: password

View the Posts from the WebPost Demo

See the Install Script - I've included the install script so that you can see what you need to configure when you install the software. After it's installed you will need to add more users to your database manually as I do not have an admin function with the software yet.

In the Demo there is only one account, but in with the actual script you can create different accounts for different people. Each person will have access to only their account.

You can then display all accounts on a website, or just 1 person's account.

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